Afghanistan: former president Karzai again blames US for deteriorating security


KABUL (TCA) — Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has once again criticized the US for its policy in Afghanistan, blaming the deteriorating security situation on the US’s presence in the country, Afghanistan’s broadcaster TOLOnews reported.

Terrorist groups and extremism have become stronger under the US’s presence in Afghanistan, he said.

Speaking to delegates at an Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies (IPCS) event in India, Karzai said the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated because of what he described as the wrong policies of the United States on Afghanistan.

“ISIS [Islamic State] did not emerge during the Taliban government, ISIS did not emerge during my government when I was in a massive confrontation with the US. ISIS emerged in the past four years and during the maximum presence of the US military and intelligence in Afghanistan,” said Karzai.

On the issue of Pakistan’s meddling in Afghanistan’s affairs, Karzai said the US has been ignoring Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers in the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Afghan Parliament) said this past Sunday’s attack in Kabul is rooted in the weakness of the Afghan security institutions.

“The government itself has paved the way for it, it means that there is no security measures for 2,000 centers, the lack of such measures provides an opportunity for the enemy to attack,” said MP Humayoun Humayoun.

The suicide bombing outside a voter registration center in Kabul on April 22 killed at least 57 people. The Islamic State (IS) extremist group claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Unfortunately, our security institutions are committing negligence in not providing security to the citizens,” said another Afghan MP Ahmad Behzad.

But the Afghan government has said attacks on civilian targets in Afghanistan have been plotted in cooperation with militant groups and intelligence services of other countries.

Sergey Kwan