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The Times of Central Asia is the English regional website on Central Asia founded in Bishkek 1999 by Mr Giorgio Fiacconi a long time resident of central Asia and an Italian investor. Today we maintain a daily website covering Central Asian politics, investments, economy, commerce, culture and social issues, corruption and terrorism . We have writers and photographers in all Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and we are developing contacts and contributors for a greater Central Asia from Turkey to Xinjiang.

Our mission is to constantly improve our website and support the economic and democratic development of the region supporting new investments, new development and more information.. We consider Central Asia as the real bridge between West and Asia and we promote investment in the region for an integration in world economy.

Our web site is consulted by thousands of local and foreign educated people that have interest and business in Central Asia. Among our subscribers are the most important companies and individuals in Central Asia, including embassies, International organizations, banks, foreign and local investors, as well manufacturing and mining companies. Advertising on our web site or subscribing to appropriate information service makes sense to know what is going on in Central Asia to promote products and investments.


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