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BISHKEK, May 2 (TCA) – On April 26 anti-drug police of Kyrgyz Interior Ministry arrested two unidentified men from Kazakhstan in Bishkek on charges of possessing more than 13kg of heroin and hashish, according to CentralAsiaOnline, as reported by on May 1. 

As the Interior Ministry told, previously the anti-drug police got the information that several traffickers were smuggling heroin and hashish from Tajikistan to Russia through Osh and Bishkek. 

According to the Interior Ministry, the policemen found 10kg of hashish and 3.3kg of heroin in the men’s vehicle in Bishkek.

Later on April 30 police officers detained a local man in Sharq village, near of Osh city, on charges of possessing munitions and explosives, Central Asia Online reported Osh Internal Affairs Department spokesman Zamir Sadykov as saying on May 1.

During the raid, police found a time bomb, a grenade launcher, an RGD-5 grenade and Kalashnikov ammunition at home of the suspect, who was alleged a member of a religious-extremist movement, Sadykov added.


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