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BISHKEK, May 2 (CentralAsiaNewswires) - The Kyrgyz ambassador to Malaysia said Monday that Malaysia has agreed to provide up to 1,000 job placements for Kyrgyz citizens in Malaysia’s banking and tourism industries.

Kyrgyz Ambassador to Malaysia Askar Beshimov told deputies during a Kyrgyz parliamentary committee on foreign affairs that the labour quota would be signed during a meeting of the Kyrgyz-Malaysian Intergovernmental Commission.

Malaysia’s ministry of internal affairs has agreed to open up 100 positions a year until the quota of 1,000 is reached, Beshimov said.

“In accordance with the quota, the Kyrgyz citizens can work in the banking sector and the tourism industry," the KyrTAG news agency reported Beshimov as saying.

Also, Malaysia currently accepts an annual quota of students from Kyrgyzstan. The Kuala Lumpur government provides Kyrgyz youth with cost-free education under the agreement, which stipulates they must come from poor families.

Beshimov noted that the agreement faces some difficulties.

"Here we have our own problems, and one of them is the lack of agreement between the ministries of education [of both countries]," said the ambassador. He did not provide further details.


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