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BISHKEK, May 4 (TCA) - Kyrgyzstan needs to devise specific measures for combating extremism, a government official said April 28.

Musa Alimbekov, chief of the juridical department of the Presidential Academy of Management, made that contention during a conference on the “State and Religion: Realities and Prospects for Co-operation.” 

“The issue of extremism in Kyrgyzstan has become too big for the Interior Ministry forces to handle,” Samat Berdikozhoyev, 10th Chief of Administration department for fighting extremism, said.

According to him, the whole society should cooperate and search for the solution of the extremism problem.

It’s essential to set out clear parameters for the government’s work in combating extremism and to make that work one of the government’s top priorities, Alimbekov and other conferees agreed. They put down specific mechanisms for such work in a resolution that they forwarded to all government agencies and to leaders of Kyrgyz religious faiths.

Later on Kyrgyz law enforcement agencies arrested two suspected Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) members May 2, the State National Security Committee (GKNB) press office told Central Asia Online.

GKNB agents and Interior Ministry officers jointly broke up an HT ring operating in Bishkek, Tokmok and the Alademin and Sokuluk districts of Chui Oblast, CentralAsiaOnline reported GKNB as saying.

Meantime, the security personnel detained two men in Chui Oblast suspected of recruiting youth and carrying out illegal activity. Two other suspects remain at large.


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