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TASHKENT, January 28 (TCA) — Official website of the opposition People’s Movement of Uzbekistan (PMU),, was attacked by hackers related to power structures, Radio Ozodlik said on January 25.

According to the source, the website was out of access since January 23. The information resource renewed its work at the present time. 

As the PMU representative Namoz Normumin believes, it was a hacker attack, which is confirmed by specialists. “These actions were accomplished from Russia and Korea, which demands huge means,” he added.

The website is constantly attacked, but this time the interruption was more serious.

“This is the first time we had such an attack. There were 4 of 5 attacks during the year, they were all unsuccessful. We received different viruses, but it wasn't serious. This time the cyber-attack was much bigger,” Normumin noticed.

He suspects Uzbekistan government for the actions as many articles criticizing political regime appeared on the website.

People’s Movement of Uzbekistan was created in Berlin, Germany, in May 2011, and includes several opposition groups. Some experts evaluated this event as a “union of Uzbek opposition parties into a sole system”. Muhammad Salih (Salai Madaminov) was chosen as a leader.


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