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TASHKENT (TCA) — Information security, in a rapid development of technologies, leads to the need for creating a system that can protect users from the existing cyber threats.


In Uzbekistan as part of the execution of the former resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov "On additional measures to ensure the computer security of national information and communication systems" dated from September 5, 2005, the computer emergency response team (UZ- CERT) was established at the information technologies development center (Uzinfocom).

As experts of UZ-CERT say, a detailed study, coordination of actions of all organizations help in the fight against cyber threats. The most common is an online fraud, or gaining access to confidential data of users. The Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides for corpus delicti of computer crimes such as theft by misappropriation of funds using computer technologies, theft committed with unauthorized entry into a computer system, illegal collection, disclosure, or use of information. Computer storage media - CDs, flash drives, IP-addresses, network equipment may serve as a proof. During the investigation of a cyber-crime, the service staff has to restore the data that may have been removed for the purpose of concealing the traces.

Despite the huge number of existing cyber threats and malicious software, hackers often pursue almost identical goals and objectives. They produce an attack on the basic components of networks and information resources that can disrupt their performance, breaking the system information, as well as various network attacks aimed at obtaining administrative privileges and "denial of service» (DoS and DDoS-attacks) attacks, aimed at national information resources and individual hosts. Often, hackers are willing to create and distribute computer viruses and malicious programs, guided by the ambition or the desire to stand out from the crowd, says UzA.

Currently, many government agencies, banks and ministries of Uzbekistan have automated information systems and software systems that serve to improve the efficiency of their operations and speed up various operations. Every effort is made to ensure the security of all government information systems, a reliable system countering cyber threats is created in Uzbekistan.


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