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TASHKENT (TCA) – Smartphones made in Uzbekistan soon will be available in the market of Central Asia.

China’s ZTE Corporation opened a plant with the total cost of US $3.16 million on production of mobile handsets and their accessories in Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan. Mobile phones will be realized under UZTE brand, UzDaily reports.

This is the first project that will be implemented in the special industrial zone Jizzakh. The plant’s capacity is 100, 000 applications a year, says the agency and 10 percent of the product will be imported, localization level will make up 30 percent. The product will be realized through dealer’s network and mobile operators.

Uzbekistan has created all conditions for work to foreign investors. In the special industrial zones, they will be exempted from paying customs duties for imported materials, equipment and spare parts which are not produced in Uzbekistan. The preferences will be provided from three to seven years based on the volume of investments.

Governor of Syrdarya region Oybek Ashurmatov said that participation of one of the largest producers of mobile phones in the world, ZTE Corporation, in production of mobile phones and other electronic devices at the special industrial zone Jizzakh shows that Uzbekistan created all conditions for work of foreign investors. He said that the project will allow supply consumers with modern equipment and high quality of services under UZTE brand.

Zhang Renjun, Senior Vice-President of ZTE Corporation said that the Chinese company is happy to participate at the project and bring advanced experience of investments and technologies of world level into Uzbekistan. He expressed his assurance that UZTE will become recognizable and beloved as ZTE brand in China and worldwide.

“We will take into account demands of our customers in Uzbekistan and offer wide-range of mobile devices of high quality on affordable prices,” he said. In future, the enterprise will export its products to other Central Asian states, he added.

The project initiators are ZTE (H.K.) Limited and Peng Sheng LLC. They created joint venture Pengzhong Xingsheng on a parity basis to implement the project.


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