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GULISTON, Tajikistan (TCA) — The Branch of the German CARITAS Association in Tajikistan brought together 70 children with disabilities, their parents and community rehabilitation workers from Ayni district in Shohin sanatorium to have a one-week recreation. The summer camp launched formally by making a campfire on the evening of the first day. Representatives from Caritas Germany, local partner organizations “ASTI” and “DARO” and Shohin sanatorium in their welcome and opening remarks said that children with disabilities along with children without disabilities have equal rights and access to health, education and recreational services. It was also noted that the Tajik President and Government always pay particular attention to well-being of persons with disabilities and the signing of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by the President of Tajikistan in March 2018 witnesses the above-mentioned words.

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