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LONDON (TCA) — Kyrgyzstan is one of those countries of erratic change both politically and economically. On one hand, Bishkek paved its way into the World Trade Organisation in 1998 by releasing itself of Soviet style collectivism and embracing free market exportation of its natural resources and abandoned many state subsidies. At the time, Kyrgyzstan was a leading nation in the transition from Soviet satellite state to independent nation and was one of the first to join the WTO in a very short period of time.  At the time the country was praised for its enthusiasm to embrace reform and its considerable lowering of tariffs. It was this dedication to change that allowed WTO membership to happen so fast and gave the country the badge of a foreign investment friendly nation. However, the proactive transitions seen in the 1990s are a far cry from the political upheaval taking place today and the economic difficulties running alongside.

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