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KABUL, November 22 (TCA) — The Australian Defence Force has withdrawn from its operating bases in Afghan Uruzgan province and handed over control to the Afghan military, according to a statement from the Department of Defence on Thursday.

According to ABC, the Australian soldiers will now only operate out of the main base at Tarin Kot, while Afghan security forces will now be fully responsible for security in Uruzgan.

Last month Prime Minister Julia Gillard said Australia's withdrawal from Afghanistan was on track to be completed by the end of next year.

This came after the French troops completed their last combat mission in Afghanistan yesterday with the withdrawal from north-eastern Kapisa province as part of an accelerated departure from the country.

About 400 French soldiers left province Wednesday after a handover ceremony with Afghan troops.

According to AFP, of 2,200 French soldiers still left in Afghanistan about 700 would return to France by the end of the year.

“Today is the end of our forward operations. By the end of the year, we will have 1,500 French troops remaining in Afghanistan in non-combat operations,” French spokesman Lt Col Guillaume Leroy told Afghanistan News.

He said that 1,000 of those remaining will focus on returning military equipment to France, while 500 will train Afghan troops.


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