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USAID Supports Uzbekistan’s First Green Hydrogen Hub

According to a statement issued by the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan on February 29th, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is set to introduce a new initiative to support Uzbekistan’s clean energy objectives. Under Uzbekistan’s “Strategy for the Development of Renewable and Hydrogen Energy,” the region has a target to increase its generation of renewable energy (solar, wind, and hydro) by 25 percent by 2030, and carbon neutrality by 2050. To support the government’s goals and with the collaboration of the Uzbek Ministry of Energy and energy sector stakeholders, USAID has announced the launch a Green Hydrogen Hub. Edward Michalski, Acting Director of USAID Mission to Uzbekistan, reported, “USAID is committed to supporting the Central Asian countries in the pursuit of clean energy development and other energy priorities, as not just a goal, but a necessity.” By helping to further the energy sector’s expertise in clean energy technologies, the Hub will play an important role in shaping the region’s future energy landscape. A new curriculum on green hydrogen established by USAID in partnership with the University of Delaware, USA, and Tashkent State Technical University, has now been incorporated into a master’s degree program.

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