Afghanistan and Belarus sign economic cooperation agreement


KABUL (TCA) — Senior officials from Afghanistan and Belarus on April 4 signed a bilateral agreement on trade and economic cooperation which is aimed at strengthening relations and joint investment between the two countries, Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews reported.

Addressing the signing ceremony, Pavel Utiupin, the Minister of Economy of Belarus, said his country is interested in investing in Afghanistan and exporting machinery for agriculture.

“The Republic of Belarus is ready to cooperate with Afghanistan in areas of export of machinery, agriculture, joint investments and expansion of trade relations,” Utiupin said.

Afghan Minister of Economy Mustafa Mastoor said the agreement will help Afghanistan to increase its cooperation with Belarus and attract more investment.

“It was needed to analyze and evaluate these capacities so that we can implement all common areas for joint cooperation acceptable to both sides within the framework of a protocol. An inclusive protocol has been prepared and this regulates our economic and commercial cooperation,” said Mastoor.

The two countries also signed agreements on culture and military.

Representatives of the private sector said there is a need for more efforts by the Afghan government to enhance the country’s economic and trade relations with Belarus.

“The agreement will benefit the interests of Afghanistan. It is expected that banking transaction will also be part of the agreement because we have problems in our banking transactions with the world,” said Mohammad Yunus Mohmand, member of Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Statistics of the Ministry of Economy show that the value of Afghanistan’s trade with Belarus is more than $40 million a year, with the main part of the amount made of the imports from Belarus to Afghanistan.

Sergey Kwan