British embassy in Kyrgyzstan launches art exhibition “Common Values, Creativity”


BISHKEK (TCA) — The British Embassy in Bishkek will present an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and graphics on the theme “Common Values, Creativity” at the Chuikov Exhibit Hall of the Union of Artists of Kyrgyzstan “Duboviy Park” from 6-14 July. The opening ceremony of the exhibition will take place on July 5.

The conceptual basis of the exhibition is the rich heritage of the two countries and cultures, with the goal of finding common features in values, history and in the creative vision of the United Kingdom and the Kyrgyz Republic.

British Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, Robin Ord-Smith shared, “It gives me great pleasure to introduce this exhibition of the leading works from the British Embassy art competition “Common Values, Creativity”. This competition and exhibition at the “Duboviy Park” gallery is part of our anniversary programme celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the Kyrgyz Republic. The chosen pieces reflect the talent and creativity of the Kyrgyz art scene and their interpretation of “Common Values and Creativity”.

The exhibition will present 34 works selected from 120 submitted during the competition held by the British Embassy during April and May. The winner of the competition with a prize of $1000 will be announced on July 21.

Sergey Kwan