Activists from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan gather at peace festival


KABUL (TCA) — Activists, journalists, musicians and artists from Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan participated in a one-day festival for peace to bring their ideas together strengthening ties between the three nations, Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews reported on July 27.

Musicians and artists from the three countries performed at the event, and handicrafts from Afghanistan and Tajikistan were displayed at the festival.

Ten representatives from Tajikistan, seven from Pakistan and 20 from Afghanistan attended the festival.

“The number of youths in Afghanistan and Pakistan is high. They can solve problems of the two countries if they attend such events,” said Shafiqa Gul, an activist from Pakistan.

“The youths of the two countries can boost the relations between the two countries by cultural and artistic events,” said Shaista Langari, an Afghan activist.

Tajikistan’s representatives said peace in Afghanistan is dependent on the will of the Afghan citizens.

“We are here to ensure that peace is achieved in our neighboring country,” said Adalat Mirza, a journalist from Tajikistan.

“By bringing closer the thoughts and capacities of youths from the three countries, we will finally put a step forward towards peace in Afghanistan,” said Abdullah Rasuli, an organizer of the event.

Some modeling artists from Afghanistan displayed Afghan dresses at the event.

The next peace festival will be held in Tajikistan and Pakistan, an official of Mediothek Afghanistan, the organizer of the event, said.

Sergey Kwan