Air Pollution in Tashkent Reaches “Very Harmful” Level

Photo: Air quality index in Tashkent, IQAir.

The level of air pollution in Tashkent rose to “very harmful,” with an increase in the concentration of toxic substances in the atmosphere. According to the latest information from the international service IQAir, at 18:00 on January 3rd, Tashkent recorded an air quality index of 223, placing the capital second in the world in terms of cities with the highest levels of air pollution, between Delhi (273), and above Dhaka (220).

According to data from this time, the concentration of particulate matter PM2.5 reached 173 μg/m3. Air quality in the city was rated as “very unhealthy.” The highest level of pollution was recorded in the Yunusabad district of the capital.

The situation is fluctuating wildly, however, and by 18:00 local time on the evening of January 4th, Tashkent had dropped to number 37 on the rankings, with an air quality index of 67.