France to help Uzbekistan with solid waste management, recycling


TASHKENT (TCA) — The French Development Agency has signed a loan agreement with Uzbekistan in the amount of EUR 23.5 million for a project to modernize the management of municipal solid waste system of Samarkand and for construction of a waste recycling plant in the city, Uzbekistan Today news agency reported.

The French Development Agency is a financial institution and the main implementing agency for France’s official development assistance to developing countries.

The project will build in Samarkand an efficient and sustainable integrated waste management system in accordance with best practices and international standards. The project covers the financing of all the works and the entire waste management chain, including waste collection, processing and recycling.

The project will build and renovate 200 collection points and acquire 70 garbage trucks.

An important component of the project will be the construction of a center for sorting of municipal solid waste and a center for its disposal. The project will also build a plant for processing solid waste into biogas, which will then be used to produce fuel for the garbage trucks.

Uzbekistan produces around 100 million tons of industrial waste per year, as well as 35 million cubic meters of household waste. It is estimated that due to lack of modern enterprises for recycling and processing of waste, two billion tons of waste has accumulated in different regions of the country.

Sergey Kwan