Market Capitalization of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Reaches Record Level

In a short period of time, the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange (KSE) has launched various financial instruments: a government securities market, a precious metals market, other commodities instruments, and a sustainable development sector, KSE President Medet Nazaraliev explained at a meeting with representatives of the business community.

The head of the exchange said that businesses registered in Kyrgyzstan have begun to show interest in the opportunities of the KSE, and with increasing financial literacy, more and more companies are interested in issuing securities to raise funds. KSE’s market capitalization, according to official data, reached a record high of $1.25 million in the first quarter of 2024.

“In recent years, the country’s stock market has seen growth in all indicators. For sustainable development, companies need to expand the sources of attracting investments, and today the stock market [helps] to attract investments by issuing shares, bonds, creating a public [market] history and increasing the reputation and recognizability of the company,” said Nazaraliev.

At the meeting with participants of the Kyrgyz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the exchange emphasized that it is important to develop not only the securities sector, but also the commodities sector. “One of the important tasks of the stock market is to ensure a high level of liquidity of investments in securities, [and] guarantees of execution of transactions. I hope that in the future the stock exchange will become a place for mass transactions in the commodities sector, as well. All over the world, commodity exchanges help to quickly raise money to increase production of high-demand goods and realize the tasks of creating transparent pricing mechanisms, including for commodities. Exchange mechanisms prove to be effective in terms of developing competition and ensuring equal access to goods,” said KSE Vice President, Aida Chodulova.

Officials are preparing to launch a digital project which will allow citizens to invest in securities online. There are also plans to attract international investments. International ratings agency, S&P Global Ratings is scheduled to evaluate the activities of the KSE, and the Kyrgyz government and business community hope that this will help the Republic multiply its chances of attracting foreign capital through the exchange.


Times of Central Asia