Nearly 750,000 Students in Kazakhstan to Get a New School

Three hundred and sixty-nine new schools, accommodating 740,000 students, will open in Kazakhstan in 2024 and 2025, the minister for education Gani Beisembayev said at a February 20th government meeting about the “Comfortable School” project. 

The minister added that 163 of these schools will be built in rural areas, and 217 of them will open their doors this year.

The new schools will be constructed using only domestically produced building materials, and all furniture will be purchased from Kazakh companies. 

The schools will be equipped with modern equipment, and increased security will be ensured with advanced technical means. They will also provide a barrier-free environment for children with special educational needs.

Prime minister Olzhas Bektenov, who chaired the meeting, emphasized that the “Comfortable School” project should resolve the problem of overcrowded schools, and replace old schools that have fallen into disrepair.


Times of Central Asia