Tourism Rapidly Expanding in Kazakhstan

Photo: Ministry of Tourism and Sport of Kazakhstan

According to the Bureau of National Statistics, in the first nine months of last year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Kazakhstan increased by 37%, reaching 834,900 people. The geography of places visited is also expanding every year. “Kazakhstan, in addition to its closest neighbors, has also been visited by travelers from far-flung countries,” the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Yerkimbayev stated.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, for the period from January to September 2023, the largest number of tourists to visit Kazakhstan, 356,850, came from the Russian Federation. In second place were Chinese tourists, who numbered 75,131 people. The third place was taken by travelers from Turkey – 41,134 people, in fourth came India (34,757), and in fifth came and the U.S.A. (28,160), which entered the top five for the first time.