Uzbekistan produces cosmetics using South Korean technology


TASHKENT (TCA) — A presentation of Uzbekistan’s first cosmetics plant built in partnership with South Korea was held in Tashkent, the Jahon information agency reported.

The Navoiy Beauty Cosmetics company was founded in the Navoi Free Economic Zone in Uzbekistan with the support of the Korean Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers and CNP Dream group of companies.

The plant produces more than 200 types of cosmetic products for face, body, hair and perfumery care by Korean technologies.

“We produce high-quality cosmetics to Korean technologies. The facility in Navoi presently employs about 50 people, including experts from South Korea. They monitor compliance with all technologies and quality of the manufactured product. This is, actually, the first and so far the only domestic brand of care and decorative cosmetics. Our products combine high quality and reasonable price,” said Director General Gulbahor Yuldasheva.

In fact, Yuldasheva added, this is the same Korean cosmetics which are now imported in large amounts but for less money, because it is produced in Uzbekistan.

Navoiy Beauty Cosmetics said it faced a challenge to ensure that the products manufactured in Uzbekistan were not inferior in quality to Korean cosmetics. The products are produced on the basis of traditional components of Korean cosmetics — snail extract, snake venom and black caviar.

The Uzbek company has already agreed on export to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and is currently negotiating with importers from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

In addition, the La Core Company has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute to open courses for cosmetics specialists and a research and engineering laboratory.

Sergey Kwan