European Parliament calls for close cooperation with strategically important Central Asia


At the regular plenary session held on January 17 this year, the European Parliament supported the adoption of the resolution “EU Strategy for Central Asia: New Opportunities for Strengthening Partnership”.

One of the MEPs Carsten Lücke wrote in his Instagram that the resolution was adopted by an overwhelming majority. More specifically, the voting results were divided as follows: “for” voted 54 deputies, “against” – 42, “abstained” – 44.

Aydos Sarymna, a deputy of Kazakhstan’s Majilis, noted in a message on his Telegram channel that this resolution is a planned document of the European Parliament, according to which the deputies gave their own assessment of the implementation of the “New EU Strategy for Central Asia”. The opinion of both government officials and ordinary citizens of the Central Asian countries was taken into account when drawing up the “papers”.

In addition, the official emphasized the distinctive tone felt in the updated resolution. Central Asia, he said, is seen in it as no other than a region that has successfully shaped its regional identity. Among other things, it has managed to unite its capabilities in trade, investment, business and other spheres.

Among other things, Sarym writes that the European Parliament recognizes the unity of global and regional challenges for both the European Union and the Central Asian region. And this, in turn, creates new opportunities for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

In this regard, the EU Parliament strongly encourages its countries to strengthen cooperation and promote strategic, political and economic partnership with Central Asia, especially given its geopolitical importance.