EU Supports Renovation of Agricultural College in Bukhara

The Gijduvon Technical College of Agro Technologies recently opened its newly renovated facilities in Bukhara at an event attended by representatives of UNESCO, local government officials, the college’s staff and students, and members of Gijduvon’s community. Integral to the ‘Skills Development for Employability in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan’ project, the renovations were funded by the European Union.

Since its inception, Gijduvon College has been committed to providing vocational education for rural youth. Supported by the European Union, UNESCO’s extensive renovations have modernized workshops, classrooms, and laboratories through the installation of new flooring, ceilings, and enhanced lighting. In addition to revitalizing learning spaces, the project has also provided essential tools and resources, including tractors, greenhouses, refrigeration units, and contemporary furniture.

By contributing to the College’s success in equipping students with the skills necessary for work in agriculture and irrigation, the improved facilities will help further sustainable development and enhanced living standards in rural Uzbekistan.