EU’s Central Asia Representative Reaffirms the Union’s Commitment to the Region

Teri Hakala, Special Representative of the European Union for Central Asia, has recently spoken about the EU’s goals for its presence in the Central Asian region, and plans for the coming years.

Speaking at the conference, “Turkmenistan and the EU: 30 years of cooperation”, Ms Hakala said: “The EU has a very strong presence in the Central Asian region. And our goal is to contribute to the development and welfare of these countries and sustainability. In the next 30 years we plan to continue our work in Turkmenistan and in other Central Asian countries, partners, for the benefit of these countries and the EU.”

She also spoke about the EU-Central Asia Transport Investment Forum, which was held in Brussels earlier this year. “In January, the EU organized an investment forum and in March too there were discussions about our commitment and obligations related to the allocation of $10 billion from the EU for the Trans-Caspian Corridor project, which will help to expand trade relations, to include more and more people in their activities. This will contribute to the expansion of not only the transport corridor, but also the energy corridor,” Ms Hakala added.

The Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor is a route connecting Europe and Central Asia. It is expected that once complete, cargo will be delivered along it in just 15 days.


Times of Central Asia