Poland Asks Turkmenistan to Open a Consulate in Warsaw


Poland has asked Turkmenistan to consider opening a consulate in Warsaw. The country’s minister of external affairs, Rashid Meredov, announced this at a government meeting on July 5.

Turkmenistan will send an official delegation to Poland in the fourth quarter of 2024 to study the possibility of opening a consulate.

Turkmenistan and Poland have also formed a working group on economic cooperation and plan to organize an exhibition of the Museum of Turkmenistan’s exhibits in Poland in 2025.

The number of Turkmen immigrants in Poland has increased dramatically in recent years. In 2022, Turkey, the most popular destination for Turkmen labor migration, introduced a visa regime at the request of the Turkmen side. The report stated: “The decline of the Turkish economy and the devaluation of the lira also played an important role. Migrants began to look for other options, including Poland. The request to open a consulate is probably related to this, but Rashid Meredov did not mention it in his report. The government of Turkmenistan wants to curb labor migration with bureaucratic obstacles.”

Meredov also announced the expansion of cooperation with other Eastern European countries that are members of the European Union: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia.

Sadokat Jalolova

Sadokat Jalolova

Sadokat was in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, currently lives in Tashkent. She worked as a correspondent, editor in local newspapers and websites, as well as a copywriter in international companies. 

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