First Afghanistan-UK Business Conference held in London


KABUL (TCA) — The Afghan embassy in London welcomed members of the public and private sector to the first Afghanistan-UK Business Conference on September 17, Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews reported.

“Today, we look forward to a productive forum of public-private dialogue among distinguished leaders of the public and private sectors in Afghanistan and in the UK,” the embassy tweeted before the conference.

Opening the conference, Afghan Ambassador Said Tayeb Jawad stressed the progress made by Afghanistan in boosting trade and investment.

“Afghan cooperation policies for regional integration are succeeding, as new roads, railways, air corridors, power lines and pipelines are being established,” he said.

“We believe that economic development and private sector-led growth are fundamental to security and economic self-reliance in Afghanistan and the region. We will work with @GOVUK to expand the trade & commerce, and encourage investment in Afghanistan,” the ambassador said.

“We are aware of security challenges. However, Afghan businesses are resilient and resourceful, and our Security Forces are fighting relentlessly to improve the security situation,” he said in his opening speech.

The conference explored present-day opportunities and challenges for doing business in Afghanistan, focusing on the recently improved regulatory framework regarding security.

The UK’s Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field also addressed delegates and emphasized the UK’s determination to aid Afghanistan in strengthening private sector led growth and trade.

Sergey Kwan