Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Ministry Urges Its Citizens to Temporarily Refrain From Traveling to Russia

A recommendation posted on the Kyrgyzstan Foreign Ministry website has urged its citizens to temporarily refrain From traveling to Russia in relation to the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall near Moscow on March 22, 2024, which killed over 130 people, as well as the introduction of enhanced security measures throughout Russia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked fellow citizens who do not have good reasons and urgent business in Russia to refrain from traveling to Russia as long as the additional security measures and increased control of passage across the border are still in place. For those who have already planned their trip, the foreign ministry recommends checking for restrictions under their name on the website of the Russian Interior Ministry.

“Citizens who have [committed] two or more administrative offenses during their previous stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, refrain from traveling to its territory to avoid not passing through the state border and the consequences associated with this procedure,”  reads a warning on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

Furthermore, Kyrgyz diplomats recommend that citizens who are already in Russia refrain from visiting mass gatherings of any kind, as well as carry identification documents and the documents that confirm the legality of their stay in the Russian Federation. The Foreign Ministry warned that citizens should comply with the legal requirements of Russian security forces as part of their mandate to ensure public safety.
“In case of emergency questions, citizens should contact the hotline of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Moscow at +7 925 115 50 47, as well as the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic at +996 999 312 002,” reads the statement.

Russian authorities have stepped up security measures in many cities after the terrorist attack in the Moscow region that killed 139 people and injured 182 others, according to the latest figures. Tajik passports were found on the suspected perpetrators of the mass shooting, making Russian citizens and law enforcement more suspicious of Tajikistani nationals and citizens of neighboring Central Asian countries. After the terrorist attack, checks on citizens of all Central Asian countries in Russia have intensified. There is also talk of strengthening migration control in Russia.


Times of Central Asia