Central Asian Governments Pass Comment on Election Result in Taiwan

Taiwan’s presidential election took place last Saturday, and made a lot of noise over the weekend. Many countries, including Central Asian states, such as Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, are in favor of preserving the territorial integrity of China. This became clear from the statements published by the foreign ministries of these countries:

“Turkmenistan expresses its firm support for the principle of ‘one China’ and reaffirms that the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing the whole of China.” – Turkmenistan.

“The Government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government of China, and Taiwan is an integral part of the territory of China.” – Uzbekistan.

“Recognizing Taiwan as an integral part of China’s territory, Tajikistan firmly opposes any attempts of external interference in the internal affairs of this friendly country.” – Tajikistan.

“We support the efforts of the government of the People’s Republic of China to realize the peaceful reunification of the country.” – Kazakhstan.

With 40% of the vote, the nominee of the Democratic Progressive Party, Lai Ching-te won the election, whilst the representative of the pro-Chinese National Party (Kuomintang), Hou Yu-ih secured 33.5% of the votes, and the representative of the neutral Taiwanese People’s Party, Ke Wen-je, secured 26.5%. “The election has shown the world the commitment of the Taiwanese people to democracy, which I hope China can understand,” Ching-te stated.

Stephen M. Bland

Stephen M. Bland

 Stephen M. Bland is a journalist, author, editor, commentator and researcher specialising in Central Asia and the Caucasus. Prior to joining The Times of Central Asia, he has worked for NGOs, think tanks, as the Central Asia expert on a forthcoming documentary series, for the BBC, The Diplomat, EurasiaNet, and numerous other publications.
Published in 2016, his book on Central Asia was the winner of the Golden Laureate of Eurasian Literature. He is currently putting the finishing touches to a book about the Caucasus.

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