Traders Rally in Kyrgyzstan

 As reported, entrepreneurs of the auto parts company, Dordoi Motors have rallied against the introduction of electronic invoices (EI) and electronic bills of lading (EBL).

The rally was attended by 380 Dordoi Motors entrepreneurs and according to a spokesperson, market traders from Osh Bazaar and Aziz market plan to join their campaign.

 “We are not against working, but unnecessary red tape with EBL hinders trade,” said one of the rally participants.

Addressing the throng, market director Erkin Salymbekov , suggested that the protesters continue working or suspend trading until the issue is resolved.

It should be noted that last year,  Salymbekov, vice president of the  Dordoi association stated that the introduction of EBL would play an important role in developing the country’s economy and called for entrepreneurs’ support of the government’s policy.

From 1 January this year,  all markets in the country were to switch from the patent system to the EBL and electronic invoice. However, as a result of the rally held by traders associated with Kyrgyzstan’s largest market , Dordoi, the president has postponed the transition to electronic bills until July 1st, 2024.


Times of Central Asia