Salted apricot kernels Uzbekistan’s most expensive agricultural export item


TASHKENT (TCA) — According to the directorate of the 1st International Fruit and Vegetable Fair which was recently held in Tashkent, the most expensive agricultural export product from Uzbekistan is salted apricot kernels, whose price per ton varies between $3,100 and $4,000, Novosti Uzbekistana news agency reported.  

The second most expensive export item is grapes of the Rizamat variety, with a price per ton varying between $1,840 and $2,500.

It is followed by cherry, whose prices vary between $1,700 and $2,300 per ton.

Export prices are fixed as a result of bids based on the supply and demand and prices on the international market.

The 1st International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, held in Tashkent in mid-July, ended with the signing of contracts for the export of Uzbek fruit and vegetables to more than 30 countries including Russia, the United States, China, the UK, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, and Turkey.  

As part of those contracts, Uzbekistan will export 2.4 million tons of fruit and vegetables, including 857 thousand tons worth $718 million to be exported this year.

Vegetables account for 27 percent of all export contracts, grapes for 25 percent, fruits for 20 percent, dried and processed fruit and vegetables — 17.6 percent, legumes — 8.4 percent, and melons — 2 percent.  

According to official forecasts, by the end of 2020, Uzbekistan is to double its fruit and vegetable production, to reach 32 million tons per year.

Sergey Kwan