Turkmenistan: State employees offered to sweep streets instead of dismissal


ASHGABAT (TCA) — As Turkmenistan experiences an economic crisis and state-budget cuts, the government agencies are being reorganized, which leads to considerable downsizing of their staff, independent foreign-based news agency Chronicles of Turkmenistan reports.

In mid-February, hundreds of street cleaners and office staff were made redundant as a result of transfer of the production association Aşgabatgurluşyg under Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Construction and Architecture to the Ashgabat Housing and Maintenance Office.

Those who moved from other provinces and hold temporary registration in the capital, primarily females, were the first to be informed of the upcoming dismissals. Those who resided in dormitories were evicted and their residence registration was cancelled.

Many office employees, including accountants, economists and engineering staff of both Aşgabatgurluşyg and the Ashgabat Housing and Maintenance Office were offered the jobs of street cleaners as an alternative to dismissal. The majority of the employees have accepted the job offer.

It was earlier reported that a third of employees of the restructured institutes under the Turkmen Academy of Sciences will be made redundant, and the budget cuts will be conducted in the agencies of the Education Ministry, which will subsequently result in a headcount reduction.

The new headcount and the organizational chart of central administrative offices of ministries and agencies, state administration offices in the provinces and the city of Ashgabat have been approved by the recent resolutions issued by the President of Turkmenistan.

Sergey Kwan