UNDP helps Turkmenistan improve foreign trade statistics


ASHGABAT (TCA) — The United Nations Development Program, in conjunction with the State Statistics Committee of Turkmenistan, has undertaken the large task of translating the internationally recognised Eurotrace computer software from English into Russian. Now that this essential piece of software is accessible to staff, this will assist in increasing the skills of employees at the State Statistics Committee and the State Customs Service in preparing reports and processing information on the foreign trade of Turkmenistan, UNDP in Turkmenistan reported.

Training of staff from the State Statistics Committee and the State Customs Service was conducted as a joint project of UNDP and the State Statistics Committee. Titled the “Support to Improvement of the Foreign Trade Statistics in Turkmenistan”, the training was carried out with the help of visiting international expert, Mr. Romesh Paul.

“This software is used to record foreign trade statistics data. Correct and accurate accounting is important for all countries as it allows analysing and introducing necessary measures in the field of trade policy making, with the purpose of widening international trade relations and improving the economic wellbeing of countries. The analysis also reveals strengths and weaknesses, preferred products and countries for cooperation,” said Mr. Paul.

This project of UNDP and the State Statistics Committee aims to improve the information system for data analysis, train national specialists in data processing information system, and develop and pilot a methodology for assessing goods imported and exported by individuals.

“This project between the State Statistics Committee and UNDP is very important for improving the foreign trade statistics of Turkmenistan. Soon we plan to start processing data using this updated software. This will allow keeping the statistics of Turkmenistan’s foreign trade in accordance with the latest international recommendations and standards. In addition, this project made Eurotrace accessible in Russian language for the whole CIS region where this software is used,” explained Roziyeva D., head of the Department of Trade, Transport and Communications Statistics.

Sergey Kwan