Kazakhstan’s Unexploited Potential of Deep Processing of Coal

photo: Kazakh Invest

During the 5th Coal Industry Forum at the 14th International Mining and Metallurgical Congress on 6-7 June in Astana, Yerzhan Yelekeyev, Chairman of the Management Board of Kazakh Invest, presented new investment opportunities to produce high-tech goods from Kazakh coal.

Substantiating his claim that the coal chemistry industry has the means to help grow Kazakhstan’s chemical industry and developments in manufacturing, Yelekeyev stated:

“Having an extensive resource base and an advantageous geographical location, we must realize the potential of the coal chemical industry. In total, more than 400 different products can be obtained by processing coal, the cost of which is 20-25 times higher than the cost of coal itself. With the deep processing of coal, it is possible to obtain products that cost 25-30 times more than raw materials. Currently, the share of coal products in Kazakhstan is 3%; an indicator of the low level of development of coal chemistry. The price of coal is lower and more stable than that of gas and oil. According to preliminary calculations, the unused potential is  worth $25 billion.”

In his presentation on “Partnership of Kazakhstan and the European Union in the field of critical minerals,” Timur Izbasarov, Deputy Director of the Strategy Department at Kazakh Invest, added that according to the World Bank, Kazakhstan has over 5,000 undiscovered deposits valued at over 46 trillion US dollars, and hence, significant opportunities for investment and cooperation in the field waiting to be untapped.



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