Foreign Political Parties Banned in Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan has added to the law “On Political Parties,” prohibiting the establishment and operation of foreign political parties and their subdivisions in Uzbekistan. The corresponding amendments were signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, reports.

Furthermore, the amendments broadened the conditions under which the powers of a deputy of the lower house and a senator could be terminated early. Elected representatives are prohibited from engaging in other paid activities (except for scientific, creative, and pedagogical work) and holding their positions if they have a permanent residence permit abroad.

Additionally, parliamentarians will lose their mandate if they fail to participate for 30 days without a valid reason in the activities of their respective chamber, political party faction, committee, or commission.

Similar measures are envisaged for deputies of regional, district, and city councils of people’s deputies (local parliament).

Five political parties are registered in Uzbekistan: the Liberal Democratic Party, the Milliy Tiklanish (National Revival) Democratic Party, the Adolat (Justice) Social Democratic Party, the People’s Democratic Party, and the Ecological Party.