PepsiCo to Build Snack Production Plant in Kazakhstan


PepsiCo has announced plans to build a full-scale new plant to produce salty snacks, including Lays crisps, in Kazakhstan’s Almaty region. Implementation of the project was discussed at a meeting between Kazakhstan Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov and David Manzini, President of PepsiCo in Central Asia, Russia, Belarus, and Caucasus.

According to the Kazakh prime minister’s press service, the project has already received $160 million in foreign investment.

The plant, anticipated as the largest of its kind in Central Asia, is scheduled to open in 2026. Its original capacity of up to 16,000 tons of finished products per year, will increase to 21,000 tons from 2027, for distribution to both the Central Asian market and abroad.

Up to a thousand people will be employed during the plant’s construction, with 350 skilled jobs created when it opens.

David Manzini stated PepsiCo’s intention to use locally sourced raw materials. The conclusion of contracts with Kazakh farmers on the delivery of test batches of potatoes is ongoing but all going to plan, the company will purchase up to 50-66 thousand tons of potatoes in 2026-2030, and increase the volume in later years.

Prime Minister Bektenov emphasized the importance of the project for the development of agriculture, increasing Kazakh farmers’ income and strengthening the economy. He mentioned that besides its positive impact the food industry and agribusiness, the plant will have a multiplier effect on related industries including transport, logistics, packaging, and processing of agricultural products.