Second Chinese law firm opens its office in Uzbekistan

TASHKENT (TCA) — Chinese Yingke Law Firm has opened its branch in Uzbekistan’s capital city to provide legal services for Chinese enterprises and citizens. It is the second Chinese law firm to do so in the Central Asian country, Xinhua reported on July 3.

Yang Tianbin, head of the newly-opened Tashkent office, said the company will provide high-quality legal services for business consulting in Tashkent by studying laws and legislative acts of the judicial bodies of Uzbekistan.

The main task of the Tashkent office, named Nur Ziyo Yoli (which means “a bright way”), is to help Chinese citizens and enterprises to learn and understand the Uzbek laws as well as local traditions and customs so as to act within the framework of the legislation, according to Chinese lawyers.

“It can be said that Sino-Uzbek cooperation, especially in the trade and economic sphere, is in full swing,” Jiang Yan, Chinese ambassador to Uzbekistan, said in her congratulatory speech.

Uzbek Deputy Justice Minister Akbar Tashkulov said he believes that the bilateral relations cannot develop without reliable legal support. Apart from providing legal services to Chinese investors and their Uzbek partners, the opening of the new legal branch could serve as “an additional incentive” attracting Chinese investment into Uzbekistan, he said.

Earlier this year, a private Chinese law firm called Duan & Duan started operation in Uzbekistan, making it the first Chinese law firm to operate in the country.

Sergey Kwan