Uzbekistan to hold the second International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

TASHKENT (TCA) — The event will take place in a new, two-stage format. On September 6-8, Tashkent will host the second International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, and territorial fruit and vegetable fairs will be held later, in November, in Nukus and in all regional centers of Uzbekistan, for the formation of a portfolio of orders for the next year and medium term, the Jahon information agency reported.

The central event in Tashkent will showcase the economic and investment capacity of the fruit and vegetable industry of Uzbekistan, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products produced by farmers, agro firms and processing enterprises of all regions of the country.

The agenda will include round table discussions with foreign participants, which will focus on expansion of direct and medium-term export supplies of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products. It is planned to visit intensive gardens, fruit and vegetable processing enterprises, logistics centers and refrigeration complexes.

At last year’s first International fruit and vegetable fair, Uzbekistan signed 355 contracts for more than $1 billion to supply 1.4 million tons of fruit and vegetable products. 32% of the total volume of contracted products accounted for vegetables, 17% for grapes, 25% for fruits, dried and processed products and legumes accounted for 13% each, and 1% fell to melons.

Today, Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s largest producer of fruit and vegetable products. The country has over 70,000 farms, broadly introducing the principles of integrated water resources management and modern agro technologies.

In recent years, the country has grown into a major exporter of fruit and vegetable products. Previously, they were traditionally delivered mainly to Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, while today they are shipped to the markets of over 120 countries. The map of supplies has expanded largely due to the establishment of exports to Indonesia, Norway, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, and Japan.