Chinese Company to Produce, Install Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan and China will jointly produce charging stations for electric vehicles, said the Uzbek Ministry of Energy. During its visit to China last week, a delegation of the Uzbek Research Institute of Renewable Energy Sources and the Henan Suda company discussed the implementation of a project for the production of electric charging stations and the exchange of the necessary technologies. As a result, they signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of infrastructure for electric transport.

Henan Suda is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer based in the Henan Province.

According to the agreement, by 2033 it is planned to install more than 70 centralized and 50,000 non-centralized charging stations throughout Uzbekistan. They will provide energy to over 700,000 electric vehicles.

According to a presidential decree issued a year ago, Uzbekistan plans to install 2,500 charging stations for electric vehicles across the country by the end of 2024. Their presence will become mandatory for all new gas stations, business centers, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers.