Kazakhstan Offers Low-Interest Loans for Agro-Industrial Sector

photo: Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced changes to rules concerning loans to agro-industrial projects.

The new rules aim to both stimulate the development of Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial sector and create new or expand existing production facilities.

Entrepreneurs will now be able to implement their projects using state loan funds at a preferential rate of 2.5% for up to 10 years. The maximum loan is 5 billion tenge.

Loans will be prioritized for projects in twelve key areas including the creation of dairy farms, poultry farms for meat production, meat livestock enterprises, vegetable storage facilities, irrigated agriculture using modern water-saving technologies, industrial greenhouse complexes, fruit storage facilities, fish farming, fish processing enterprises, breeding reproducers in poultry farming, deep processing and storage of agricultural products, and production of packaging materials.