Kazakhstan to export agricultural products to China


ASTANA (TCA) — The Kazakh Embassy in Beijing on March 25 hosted a meeting of Kazakhstan Deputy Agriculture Minister Gulmira Isayeva and the chairman of China National Materials Group Corporation (Sinoma), the official website of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.

The parties discussed the export of Kazakhstan’s agricultural products to China and attraction of Chinese investment in the Kazakh agro-industrial sector.

“SINOMA Import & Export is responsible for state purchases of grain and agricultural products from abroad for further sale through its own retail network and distribution networks of China,” the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry said. “The Corporation is now interested in purchasing agricultural products from Kazakhstan: 50 thousand tons of sunflower seeds, 80 thousand tons of lint, 100 thousand tons of rapeseeds, and 90 thousand tons of cooking oil from the above raw materials per year.”

The Agriculture Ministry and Sinoma have signed a joint action plan for the export of Kazakh agricultural products to China, with the intention of the Chinese state corporation to purchase 180 thousand tons of seeds of oil-bearing crops and 90 thousand tons of cooking oil this year.  

The sides will continue talks on the export of cereals, beans, fruit, vegetables, beef, mutton, and honey from Kazakhstan to China.

Sinoma plans to invest in modernization of existing and creation of new production facilities to process agricultural produce in Kazakhstan.   

Initial investments will be made in production of cooking oil in Kazakhstan.

Sergey Kwan