Business Council to attract Turkish capital to Tajik economy


DUSHANBE (TCA) — Tajikistan and Turkey plan to increase bilateral trade and attract Turkish capital to the Tajik economy, Avesta news agency reported citing Mahmut Er, chairman of the Turkish-Tajik Business Council.

He told journalists in Dushanbe on August 17 that the two countries plan to increase bilateral trade up to $1 billion a year from today’s $650 million.

The chairman of the Business Council named Tajik economy sectors that are interesting to Turkish business, such as agriculture, construction, and light industry.

“Agriculture is not susceptible to crisis, which makes this sector attractive to investors. Also, Tajikistan imports many types of construction materials and light-industry products from Turkey. With customs and transport expenses in mind, it is easier to produce them in Tajikistan. It would be profitable for Turkish companies as there are some incentives here,” he said.

The chairman of the Turkish-Tajik Business Council also said the Council discussed with the Tajik Ministry of Industry and New Technologies assistance in promotion and marketing of Tajik handmade carpets.   

He said that joint production of carpets would be profitable for both sides, as Turkish carpet producers have big experience in the production, marketing and sales of this type of product.

“With this experience in mind, the Turkish-Tajik Business Council will assist Tajik carpet producers in promotion of their products,” he said.

Sergey Kwan