Decline in Uzbekistan’s Production of Natural Gas, Oil and Coal

natural gas

According to data released by the Statistics Agency of Uzbekistan, from January – May, the country’s production of natural gas amounted to 18.8 billion cubic meters, one billion cubic meters less than in the same period last year.

Natural gas production in Uzbekistan has seen a steady decline in recent years and from 2019-23, fell by 22.8 percent. In 2022, gas production decreased from 53.8 billion to 51.67 billion cubic meters, or 4%, and in 2023, from 51.67 billion to 46.71 billion cubic meters, or 9.6%.

To compensate for the drop in domestic production, Uzbekistan has increased its import of natural gas from Turkmenistan and Russia.

In the first 5 months of this year, Uzbekistan also saw a decrease in coal and oil production. Coal production fell by 73 thousand tons, to 1.9 million tons, and oil production, by 22 thousand tons, to 305 thousand tons.