In Kyrgyzstan, a Woman Kept Foreigners in Slave Labor

The State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) has revealed gross violations in a sewing shop near Kyrgyzstan’s capital, wherein its owners employed South Asians without providing them with proper working conditions.

On the night of June 19-20th, 2024, operatives searched the sewing shop where 30 South Asians worked; the GKNB said that a Kyrgyz citizen fraudulently attracted foreigners to work. Violating her obligations, the boss did not pay the promised wages, and exploited the workers’ labor to make the greatest profit.

“She, having entered into a criminal conspiracy with a district police officer, confiscated passports from foreigners and intimidated them regularly, threatening to imprison them for an illegal stay on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic,” law enforcers said.

The foreigners were kept in conditions that did not meet basic sanitary requirements, and they were barely fed. The owner of the sewing shop and a district police officer were detained and placed in a temporary detention center.

Due to the increasing demand for garment products, many workshop owners bring workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other South Asian countries for cheap labor.