Kazakhstan Set to Develop Halal Market

Kazakh Halal Market

From 4 to 12 June, over 100 certification and accreditation specialists from Kazakhstan attended a training seminar on Halal standards in Astana. Over the duration of the course, participants received training on Halal requirements and OIC/SMIIC international standards set by international experts in Halal accreditation and certification.

In her address, Zhanna Esenbekova, Chairperson of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan, emphasized the importance of national legislation adapted to ISO SMIIC standards for Kazakhstan’s economy as well as the need for trained specialists to promote and monitor compliance with Islamic requirements and standards.

“Halal standards are receiving increasing attention worldwide and the areas of Halal standardization are expanding. Not so long ago, Halal concerned only a few types of everyday products, but today Halal has expanded its boundaries to areas such as transport and logistics, finance and credit, tourism and hospitality, clothing and footwear production, restaurant business and many others,” reported Esenbekova.

One of the seminar’s lecturers, international expert Emre Kırıcıoğlu, added: “Today, the Halal market has over 1.8 billion consumers worldwide and a turnover of 2 to 5 trillion dollars, with regard to Halal financing. Kazakhstan has a reputation for self-sufficiency in food supply. Local meat, grain and vegetables are fine in quality and grown under favourable conditions. Given the profile of a large sector of the population, your country is well positioned to compete in international markets in products acceptable by Islam.”