University of Central Asia developing a pool of professionals for mining sector


BISHKEK (TCA) — The University of Central Asia’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration (UCA IPPA) celebrated the first graduates of its Certificate Programme in Mining Policy and Sustainable Development on December 19. The eight-week executive programme for civil servants, experts, and civil society representatives involved in extractive industries aimed to develop a pool of informed professionals who can improve the quality of public discussion within the mining sector, the UCA said.

21 graduates received their certificates at a ceremony held in Bishkek attended by Robin Ord-Smith, British Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Ulan Ryskulov, Deputy Chairman, State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of the Kyrgyz Republic, Dr Shamsh Kassim-Lakha, Chairman, Board of Trustees, University of Central Asia and Dr Bohdan Krawchenko, UCA Director General and Dean of Graduate Studies.

Dr Bohdan Krawchenko congratulated graduates and remarked the programme is essential in preserving and promoting knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices to the mining sector.

“The mining sector plays a pivotal role in Kyrgyzstan’s development, and this certificate programme equips future leaders with the tools and resources needed to understand the kinds of policies required for the sustainable development of this sector,” said Dr Krawchenko.

Delivered in Russian and English between September and December 2016, the programme comprised of eleven modules and a colloquium. The modules included in- and out-of-class engagements with experts and a final project tailored to each learner’s professional context. Graduates received a professional development certificate in Mining Policy and Sustainable Development and a certificate supplement detailing the programme of studies and learner’s achievement in accordance with European norms. The programme was delivered with support from the Canadian Embassy to the Kyrgyz Republic, the British Embassy to the Kyrgyz Republic and Aga Khan Foundation Canada.

Robin Ord-Smith, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Kyrgyz Republic, conveyed the importance of the mining sector to Kyrgyzstan’s prosperity and highlighted the need to create an enabling environment that attracts international momentum in developing the mining sector.

“The extractives industry is one of the most important contributors to global economic growth. Kyrgyzstan has significant untapped potential that could create jobs and wealth to the country. But to successfully do so, there is a need to create an international competitive climate to attract leading international companies and to ensure global best practice, transparent, sustainable and ecologically responsible development,” noted Ord-Smith.

The Certificate Programme is part of a multi-faceted Mining Policy Initiative, designed to promote an empirically informed public discussion on mining policy that engages government agencies, the media, civil society and the private sector.  

In the next phase, a published report on ‘The Sustainable Development of Mining: Policies and Practice’ will be produced, to serve as an enduring reference for decision makers.

Sergey Kwan