Uzbekistan holds oil and gas exhibition and conference

TASHKENT (TCA) — Tashkent last week hosted the International Exhibition and Conference ‘Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan’, which brought together 178 companies from 28 countries. The event resulted in the signing of five bilateral documents on the establishment of a joint enterprise, study of opportunities of expanding hydrocarbon extraction, upgrade of production capacities, and other projects, the Jahon information agency reported.

Uzbekistan’s national oil and gas company Uzbekneftegaz, Enter Engineering PTE and Mechel Company signed an agreement on cooperation for the attraction of foreign investments, modernization and diversification of construction industry, reduction of power intensity of the economy, and introduction of progressive energy efficient and resource saving technologies in production.

The UzLITIneftegaz Company, affiliated with Uzbekneftegaz, also signed an agreement with Hyundai Engineering and Enter Engineering PTE on the establishment of an engineering center in the form of a joint venture.

The center will introduce the headmost methods and technologies of organization of design works, based on up-to-date licensed software products and foreign expertise, into design processes. That would allow the industry entering the international level, procuring up-to-date technologies, standards, know-how, and contributing to the development and improvement of engineering and construction of technological and industrial facilities.

Negotiations with strategic partners were another important mission of the event. The Uzbek side met with Itron (Germany), ExxonMobil (US), Istana Karanglaut (Indonesia), and KNOC (Korea).

During the talks, the participants discussed the mechanisms of practical cooperation on further modernization and diversification of domestic production, organization of capacities for production of localized products, introduction of modern and advanced technologies for processing and utilization of liquid hydrocarbons, application of alternative methods for natural gas processing, and wide introduction of automated natural gas accounting systems.

Sergey Kwan