Virtual Standstill in Tajikistan’s Baljuvan Oil Production


Production of oil and gas in the Baljuvan district in the southern mountains of Tajikistan, has virtually ceased.

It previously  provided natural gas to the neighbouring districts of Khovaling, Vosei, and Kulyab,

According to the authorities, oil reserves in the area of Khatlon Oblast have all but disappeared.  Baljuvan’s oil wells currently reach a depth of 2,400 meters and for production to continue, wells must now be drilled to a depth of up to 6,000 meters .

Referencing  the situation, district chairman Bakhtiyor Safarzoda said, “Unfortunately, the same volume of oil is not being produced today as it was under the Union. The equipment here is already physically obsolete and worn out.”

Attempts to attract foreign investment in oil production in Baljuvan have now been ongoing for several years and a visit by Chinese investors to the wells two years ago, came to nought.

According to the chairman of the Baljuwan district, foreign companies which initially agreed to develop new oil wells, reversed their decision after familiarizing themselves with the field, its characteristics, and forecasts.

It should be noted that Tajikistan’s proven reserves of oil raw materials are insignificant, amounting to 2.2 million tons, and the country’s registered oil fields amount to just 28.