Indian Companies Interested in Turkmenistan’s Seaport

Issues concerning the establishment of cooperation in the field of maritime transportation, as well as the possibility of cargo transit through Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, were recently discussed by representatives of the Agency Turkmendenizdaryaollary with the Ambassador of the Republic of India in Turkmenistan, according the Agency’s website reports

During the meeting, the excellent potential for cargo transit offered by the Turkmenbashi port, which occupies a crucial location in the North-South transport corridor, was noted and encouraged a proposal by  representatives of “Turkmendenizdaryaollarya” to assist the Indian side in establishing an exchange of expertise in port management.

In its summary of the meeting, the report stated,  “The Indian Ambassador said that more than 30 Indian companies are interested in visiting Turkmenistan and familiarizing themselves with the opportunities of Turkmenbashi port. Following the meeting, the parties agreed to make every effort to develop cooperation in maritime transportation.”