Mirziyoyev: Officials Must Reorient to Preserve Environment

President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, has criticized officials who insist on building new cement plants instead of introducing environmental technologies.

“The country has production capacities which can more than cover the annual demand for cement,” Mirziyoyev said. “So, it is surprising that officials, instead of increasing the production of value-added products and introducing technologies that reduce their harmful impact on the environment, are proposing that 22 more cement plants be constructed.”

Mirziyoyev emphasized the importance of responsible decision making in the sphere of industry. He noted that over the past six years, the volume of investment in industry has increased sevenfold, but insufficient information has been provided by the heads of industries and regions on jobs created and the growth of exports, meaning officials do not sufficiently analyze and provide data on the economic and social consequences of investments in the construction of new cement plants.

The President also expressed concern about the environmental aspect of the issue. Instead of the mass construction of new plants, which are likely to exacerbate the negative impact on the environment, he called for a greater emphasis to be placed on the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in cement production. Such measures would reduce air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

Mirziyoyev emphasized the need to effectively use existing plants by increasing their productivity and introducing innovative solutions, noting that the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies would increase the quality and competitiveness of Uzbek cement in the world market. In summation, Mirziyoyev instructed officials to reorient their goals to ensure sustainable development and preserve the environment.


Times of Central Asia