TikTok Tourism in Kazakhstan

On June 24, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan Ermek Marzhikpayev met Dmitry Pylev, TikTok’s representative and head of government relations in Central Asia, to discuss the joint success of TikTok and KazakhTourism’s promotion of tourism in Kazakhstan via the popular online platform.

As reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the parties focused on the large-scale initiative #GuideAcrossKazakhstan including video guides to attractions, cultural sites, and gastronomic tourism throughout the country. Dmitry Pylev noted that #GuideAcrossKazakhstan, dedicated to domestic tourism, has become TikTok’s most popular segment in Kazakhstan, gathering over 4,000 videos and some 2.5 million users.

This is not the first successful project implemented by TikTok in partnership with KazakhTourism. Last year’s launch of #TravelKazakhstan which provided professional guided tours around the country and opportunities for users to share videos of their favourite places, attracted almost 25 million views.

Praising the initiatives, the ministry stated that they not only boosted the development of domestic tourism, but also had a significant impact on popularizing Kazakhstan’s cultural heritage internationally.